Built by passionate supporters, for equally passionate supporters from all over the world, is the global one-stop hub for news, content, community, quizzes and challenges. Our platform is built on the convinced belief that football is a unifying, global language. This is a language that we all speak, understand and appreciate.

Our ultimate purpose is to leverage the global power of football and the combined passion of all supporters to shape a brighter future and make an impact where it’s possible.

Our platform

All your team's news at one place features over 500 news updates per day, covering over 22 leagues and over 300 teams. By selecting your favorite teams and leagues, you can easily tailor your very own personalized feed of news, transfers, match reports and everything in between. No longer do you need to skip through an endless range of news sources to make sure you’re fully updated on your teams.

Daily interactive quizzes with unique prices holds a proprietary quiz & trivia technology, offering time-based quizzes around specific teams, leagues and players. Take our ever-updating quizzes, collect points, challenge your friends and turn points or scores into amazing prizes. We have over 20 000 unique questions that are updating every day - so refresh your trivia knowledge and see who’s the expert at your team.

Our values is built on 3 core values that permeates everything that we do and stand for. Our core values are Community, Passion and Fun.

The appreciation and shared love for the sport has no geographical boundaries. empowers you to get closer to your favorite teams in new exciting ways - as well as connect with your allied fans or team rivals on our interactive platform. Our quiz and challenger features come with ”money can’t buy”-prices and experiences that let you enjoy your favorite teams as well as create epic memories with your friends.

Passion is the oxygen of life for us supporters. It is what makes us dust ourselves off and get out of bed the Monday after a heavy derby defeat. This is also why every single page, feature and functionality of the platform is built with the passion of supporters in mind.

On top of empowering community and passion, is built on Fun. A fun way to get the latest news and content from your favorite leagues and teams. A fun way to compete by yourself or with friends among our ever-updating quizzes and challenger modes. And a fun way to learn, discover and connect.